Property Insurance

Whether you own your building, lease your workspace or work out of your home, business property insurance protects your business’ physical assets.

For example:

  • A fire or tornado could destroy your building and the contents inside.
  • A frozen water pipe could damage your documents or other valuable papers.
  • A storm could damage your outdoor sign.

Property insurance is critical coverage for your business. It typically provides coverage for items such as these:

  • Building
  • Outdoor signs
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Inventory
  • Fence and landscaping
  • Others' property
  • Ordinance or law requirements
  • Valuable papers or documents

In addition, your commercial property insurance may include business income coverage that replaces lost business income while your office and contents are being replaced or rebuilt.

Ask your Professional Solutions broker about the coverage that’s right for your business to make sure you can more readily recover from a property claim.

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