Top 3 Data Breach Blogs

posted by James West on Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Top Data Breach

Social engineering, phishing and ransomware – these are just a few examples of the ways cyber criminals are currently targeting businesses.

At times, it can seem difficult to stay up to date with the latest cybercrimes, let alone to understand which risks are relevant to your business.

To help with this, we have gathered cybersecurity information in our data breach blogs. These blogs can help you learn about the cyber risks your business could face, along with measures for keeping your data secure.

Here are our top 3 data breach blogs:

  1. Cyber Attacks – A Growing Business Interruption Threat
    • A data breach can wreak havoc on any business. In addition to notifying customers and identifying how the breach occurred, among other issues, you should also consider the impact a breach could have on your long-term financial stability.
  2. The Social Engineering Threat
    • Social engineering is a technique where hackers take advantage of the human element of businesses by targeting employees. While this type of attack is an increasing threat, there are measures you can implement to help safeguard your business.
  3. Understanding and Preventing Data Breaches
    • A data breach is an incident where private data is accessed and/or stolen by an unauthorized individual. If your company handles critical assets such as customers’ personal data, intellectual property or proprietary corporate data, you are at risk of a data breach.

Unfortunately, cybercrime is not going away and this is a business risk that you need to be prepared for. Therefore, it is essential that you and your employees remain vigilant of, and educated on, cybersecurity. One way to do this is by staying up-to-date with our data breach blogs by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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