How Often Do You Service Your Company Vehicles?

posted by Faith Dorn on Thursday, September 14th, 2017

company vehicle log

Most people schedule routine maintenance checks on their personal vehicles, but as a business owner you have the responsibility to ensure your business vehicles are safe on the road. Since several employees may be driving your business vehicles, it’s important to create a preventative maintenance inspection schedule and vehicle maintenance log to reduce the change of any vehicle breakdowns or vehicle malfunctions, which can lead to car accidents and insurance claims.

Vehicle Maintenance Log Components:

Your vehicle maintenance and repair log should include the following elements:

  • When the work was done (date, service hours, mileage, etc.)
  • What work was done
  • Where work was done
  • Cost of the work that done
    • Labor costs
    • Cost of parts
    • Warranty recovery
  • Date of next service

Your business should keep a separate vehicle maintenance log for each vehicle.  Whether you are tracking your vehicle maintenance and repair log online or on paper, ensure employees are using it consistently and accurately.

Before an employee operates a business vehicle, they should be trained on the following:

  • Where the vehicle maintenance log is located
  • When to update vehicle maintenance log
  • Who to notify when a vehicle needs serviced

Having a vehicle maintenance service plan ensures that no necessary service is overlooked on any business vehicle. View an example of a vehicle maintenance log here.