Are You Covered?

You may think your business is properly insured. But why take a chance on a loss that could have been covered. Take this short quiz to test your business insurance knowledge.

1. When hiring a subcontractor (e.g., someone to mow the lawn, provide maintenance in your building, etc.), you need to request a certificate of insurance.
2. Your business insurance policy typically does not provide coverage if a former employee sues you for wrongful termination.
3. If a fire damages 51% of your building and the local ordinances require you to rebuild instead of renovate, your property insurance typically will not cover the expense.
4. If your business has a data breach (client information is accessed), the average cost per record is approximately $200.

Insurance is complicated. But we'll make it easy to understand the coverages you need to protect your business in case of a loss.

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Those six words say a lot about what makes us different. Contact us today for an insurance review to find out exactly what we mean.

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